Selling Hashrates

A telegram Group dedicated on Selling and Buying Hashrates has an amazing cheap offer that you must have a look.

Here is the list of current list. Join the group to learn more.


#Type of contractHashrateExpiresSelling AtMethod of paymentHashflare Original Price
1SHA 25626.31 TH/s12.12.20182000 USD
(balance includes 0.04171997 btc)
BTC, ETH3,156.00$
2SHA-256120.31 TH/sDecember 20185000$
BTC, ETH14,437.20 $
3SHA-256, Scrypt169 TH/sDecember 20184000.00 or .55 btc BTC, ETH20,280.00$
4SHA-256122 TH/sDecember 2018~0.75 BTC
Only 50 USD per TH

Bonus - 100% Free:
Etash: 100 Mh/s - Expired in Feb 2019
Scrypt: 75 Mh/s - Expired in August 31
BTC, ETH14,640.00 $
5ETHASH1000 MH/s08.01.20191.85 BTC BTC, ETH
6SHA-25636.41 TH/sEnd of Dec 18 - Feb 190.3BTC BTC, ETH4,369.20$
7SHA-256, ETHASH10.6 TH/s
29.2 MH- balance 0.0922
19.12.20172.9eth BTC, ETH
8SHA-25614.51 TH/sEnd of December1450 USD (100 USD per TH) BTC, ETH
9SHA-25615 TH/sEnd of December800 USD (45 USD per TH + Balance) BTC, ETH1,800.00$
10SHA-25650 TH/sDec 5-8 2018$4000 USD ($80/TH) BTC, ETH
11SHA-256/Scrypt/X11SHA 256: 25TH/s
Scrypt: 200MH/s
X11 DASH: 200MH/s
End of Dec 180.3 BTC BTC
12SHA-25620.32 TH/s Jan 8th 2019$1800 ($88 per Th) BTC, ETH
13SHA-25623 TH/s $2300 ($100/ th) BTC, ETH
14SHA-256101.16 TH/s ~0.6 BTC BTC, ETH
15SHA-25619.13 TH/s09.11.2018(18.77 th/s)
13.12.2018(0.36 th/s)
0.2 BTC + Free 0.043 balance BTC, ETH
16SHA-25680 TH/s31.08.2018 (39.13TH/s
11.09.2018 (0.87TH/s)
09.12.2018 (10TH/s)
11.12.2018 (21TH/s), 15.12.2018 (9TH/s)
5000$ + Free balance 0.02283729 BTC, ETH
17SHA-2568.99 Th/sExpires: ranging from 05.12.2018 to 07.01.2019 0.077 BTC BTC, ETH
18SHA-25623.79 Th/sExpires: ranging from 13.12.2018 to 13.01.2018 (upgrades are done in Jan)0.34 BTC BTC, ETH